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Our passion is aroma and flavour

We are a micro roasting house in Calgary,Alberta that refuses to roast middle-of-the-road coffee for our customers.If you would like to try our coffee before you purchase your own bags then be sure to follow us on our social media and you can come to one of the pop-ups we do here and there throughout our beautiful city and around southern Alberta.

About Us Who We Are ?

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How To Make A Perfect Coffee

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Our attitude is poured into every cup coffee. From each of our carefully perfected roasting profiles that our Master Roaster designs to bring out the; floral, sweetness, creaminess, and smooth tasting coffee designed carefully by selecting quality beans and tirelessly perfecting the basic elements of coffee roasting

Our happy clients


Mondo is my go-to local roaster in YYC for balanced profiles and consistently good coffee.

Rob Martin
Calgary, AB Canada

I made my first latte with Cafe Mondo MoMo beans today.It was delicious!

Calgary, AB Canada

The new light roast is to die for My absolute favorite online tea shop, always amazing quality!

Sarah taylor
Banff, AB Canada